The Rabbit Hole

Choreography and conceptual framework:

Ufuk Şenel & Can Bora

Creative dancers: Can Bora, Dicle Doğan, İsmet Köroğlu and Ufuk Şenel

Stage design: Meltem Çakmak

Lighting design: Ayşe Sedef Ayter

Sound design: Eda Er

Production: berika

Co-production: A Corner in the World X Bomontiada ALT

Location support: Çıplak Ayaklar, AtölyeDans


Rabbit Hole, after the first two performances on the 30th of November (premiere) and the 1st of December in Bomontiada ALT, will continue to be shown both in Bomontiada ALT and in other public locations throughout the season.

An old principle in ancient texts says that "everything that comes in threes is perfect" (Omne Trium Perfectum). In this context, what does such a situation transform into when a fourth is added to it ?


Rabbit hole underlines the concepts of being or not being together, while exploring the meetings of three people in a travel through time, and their relationships. Looking at it all through a utopic or distopic dimension, what does the arrival of a fourth person transform this ideal form into?


Rabbit hole is a work that looks for different modes of communication with each other, while exploring new connections between what is ideal and what is not in resulting relationship formats and new forms of existence.