Choreography: Ufuk Şenel

Creative dancers: Can Bora, Ezgi Bilgin, Hilal Sibel Pekel, Semra Kap

Pessoa, is a dance project constructed with four dancers. It is a design aiming to construct and deconstruct structure and evolve towards spaces beyond stage.  This double meaning has a very important role in the constructing the identity of the work. Pessoa is generated from the idea first to establish a structure and than to decompose this structure into pieces so to construct new structures. The choreographer is influenced from the definitions developed about the body by the thinkers like Jacques Derrida, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Gilles Deleuze ve Arthur Schopenhauer and also by his views on the matter of being. In this respect he construct his work on the axis of the concept of deconstruction of Derrida.