Life is short, birds are flying...

Choreography: Ufuk Şenel

Sound design: Volkan Ergen

Light design: Ayşe Ayter

Special thanks to Can Bora, Leyla Postalcıoğlu, Serap Meriç and İdil Kemer. 

@Bomontiada ALT, June 2, 2018.

"Life is Short, Birds are Flying", has accumulated different experiences along the axes of intimacy and sincerity in approximately three years. It started along its journey with Meg Stuart’s workshop"Closer" and it continued on with research workshops on the concept of intimacy with different groups. During this process, it was purified. The final notion it arrived at was, everything that can bend can break. The project grounds this notion on human relations and it reveals that when we try to share with others the simplest actions we perform at the very core of our lives, it destroys our personal space. Hence, the greatest and the most unique breaking point starts within us. The artists delved into these points physically and emotionally and they searched for the purest movement and expression forms on stage by sometimes encountering their traumas and sometimes physically pushing each other to their limits. At this point, the concepts of consistency and sustainability became very important. The end of a relationship is a breaking point. 

However, this projects argues that the concept of hope is the main breaking point because everything that can transform and evolve holds the potential of sustainability. This gives us existential quality. To reach this point, we bend many times and most of the time we even think that we break. However, as long as we live, we will need to look together in the same direction, to sing the same song together and even watch the birds together. As the world is getting uncannier every day, this project believes that the real breaking point is hope. Thus, it underlines that our complex and chaotic lives, and our selves that become monsters as we relate to each other, coincides again with “hoping”. That is the reason why these two bodies, which are moving in their simplest forms, are  saying all the things that could be said in a relationship, but are still trying to look in the same direction and watch the birds together.